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Bamboo straws

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Reusable and ecological bamboo straw. Handcrafted, chemical-free, varnish-free, paint-free and sun-dried. Per box of 20 or 100 units, includes a free cleaning bottle. They are suitable for all types of cold, soft and hot drinks*.

The sale of this product supports the social mission of Surfrider Foundation Europe and Katala Foundation for the Protection of Turtles in the Philippines.

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100% natural, the most sustainable and renewable resource in the world, Bamboo in favorable areas grows from 3 to 5 cm per day with really reduced water needs.

Bamboo straws are sturdy and easy to clean in the dishwasher, or by hand thanks to the small cleaning brush provided gracefully. They can be reused for several months (up to about 300 times) and are suitable for all drinks.

They are made in the Philippines, in a local artisanal cooperative, without fertilizers or pesticides. Sanded by hand, sun-dried, and without varnish or other chemical treatment as can be found on Vietnamese or Chinese straw. They contribute to the development of the island by promoting job creation.

Available in two diameters:

  • Standard in 4-6 mm for soda, juice, syrup etc..
  • 7-9 mm wide for cocktails, smoothies and other thicker drinks.

Part of the profits made on the sale of bamboo straw will be donated to Katala Foundation for the protection of turtles, and also to Surfrider Foundation Europe for the protection of the French coast.

The bamboo straw is therefore the perfect touch to add to your cocktails to stand out but also to preserve the planet and the turtles!

A percentage of the profits from the sale of this product will be donated to the ONGI Surfrider Foundation Europe and Katala Foundation.

* Beware of burning hazards when drinking a hot straw drink.


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