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Timothé, Manager of
Timothé Manager of

Timothé Mariée 33-year-old Commercial Director and father of an 8-year-old girl, following an economic dismissal, decides during this period of inactivity to realize his dream, to visit Asia.
We are therefore leaving for a Backpacking trip of two months on the Asian continent.

Passing through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, our first observation is about the plastic pollution that ruins many of these countries. During our passage in Vietnam, more particularly in the province of Long An we discover there ecological straws made out of reed, hand made, which we plan to import as soon as we return.

The last part of the trip takes place in the Philippines via Manila but also on the island of Palawan where there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ... A little further off this island in a green setting still wild, out of nowhere do we find an eco-lodge entirely made of bamboo and run by two Frenchmen. It is during the meal that we are offered natural straws made on the island. Finding the product interesting we take some information before storing them very preciously among a multitude of souvenirs.

Back in France we decide to contact the first Vietnamese manufacturer for reed straws but unfortunately after short exchanges by email, he informs us that he is not able to export to France due to a truly artisanal production and its low volume. He tells us that he prefers to focus on production mainly intended for Vietnamese people looking for sustainable solutions to replace plastic straws.
The disappointment was great at first, but it was then that the famous bamboo straws discovered in the Philippines came to my mind.
We therefore get in touch with a friend living on the island so that he can find a manufacturer and study the solutions concerning the supply by post.

The project is taking shape little by little and is moving towards production on the island of Palawan allowing to develop the local economy there while marketing a product making it possible to fight against the phenomenon of pollution linked to plastic products.

In addition, in addition to this approach, an additional ecological ambition, namely the protection of turtles, having been particularly sensitized by a video showing one of them injured by a plastic straw in her nostril that fishermen will succeed in it difficult to root out.

The turtle, this mythical animal, the Goddess of Energy and the Eternal Mother, the Shield. The oldest symbol on planet earth, the turtle has a shell that teaches us how to protect ourselves from the wounds, envy, jealousy and unconsciousness of others. It is therefore with this view in mind that part of the profits generated by the sales of bamboo straw will be donated to the Katala Foundation


Timothé and a turtle | Pailles & Co 

Based in Puerto Princessa, this foundation campaigns, among other things, for the protection and protection of turtles in the Philippines and especially on the island of Palawan.
Supporting it is a very strong ambition for the company Strawmario which gives added value to the project and marks a very specific commitment in terms of nature protection.

Let the adventure begin….

Market analysis shows that multiple solutions are possible and can reach a wider clientele of professionals but also individuals.
Today we offer the widest range of eco-friendly straws at the best prices.
Our straws are ecological and without plastic, they can be edible, disposable or reusable, curved, colored, or even transparent.

From standard to tailor-made, we will be happy to respond to all requests.
Our stock consists of straws of various lengths and sizes, straws for cocktails, for smoothies, for soda, for cold drinks and hot drinks, there is for all needs.
We mainly supply a clientele of professionals such as bars, nightclubs, hotels, restaurants or even local wholesalers, but also individuals.
Whether you are a traditional establishment, upscale or private, we offer attractive prices on our straws available from € 0.02.

The company Strawmario is the first in France to specialize in the semi-wholesale trade in straws and other eco-responsible products and it is not without reason that we have chosen this sector of activity.

In September 2018, the National Assembly voted to ban cutlery, utensils and other plastic containers on January 1, 2020.

In addition, since Januray 2017, the ban on plastic bags had been implemented in shops except for supermarket checkouts provided that they were biodegradable. The law required establishments to replace plastic bags nationwide with “compostable” packaging produced from bio-sourced materials.
Today the preservation of the planet is within everyone's reach. Simple everyday gestures that may seem harmless but end to end to change certain data, preserving our ecosystem in a lasting way.

To give you an idea, let's take these few figures. Today in the world, over a billion straws are used every day, it is also 8.8 million for France alone.
Straws are among the most collected waste on beaches with more than 500 million in our oceans. Not only do they pollute and harm the preservation of our oceans, they also prevent the conservation of our entire ecosystem.
Besides a plastic straw takes 100 to 1000 years to disappear, they are also covered with toxic products that can develop diseases for both humans and animals.

To date, the company Strawmario is also a partner of the association SurfRider Foundation Europe to bring one more stone to the building. Since 1990, it has become a reference in the fight for the protection of the ocean and its users, with the passion and commitment of its community on the ground.

Already well entrenched in some countries, the ban on single-use plastic was only delayed for a very specific purpose. With the petrochemical industry pushing for financial reasons that we unfortunately know too well, today we have no choice but to follow the current awareness.
More and more people are aware of the impact of plastic on our planet, which today is pushing public authorities to react in the right direction.

The implementation on January 1, 2020 of the "Egalim law" prohibiting the use of single-use plastic products today opens up great prospects for the company and for the website.